Superhero Documentary?

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

While I’m most definitely a champion of justice, and a promoter of the ultimate sacrifice (that is, the giving of yourself for the preservation of justice), I’m most definitely NOT a fan of this latest travesty in the superhero world.

While I cannot say that I have seen the film in it’s entirety, from the looks of the trailer on the HBO website I’ve judged that the documentary is not going to accurately represent our cause in a positive light. It seems to me that it is aimed more at poking fun of individuals who are brave enough to challenge to corruption within our society, rather than giving praise to the people who deserve it.

It also looks as though the documentary could give away some of the identities (judging from the person putting on his mask while being interviewed). This could lead to some dangerous situations for any vigilantes who took part in this project.

For those of you out there, continuing the good fight, take my advice and stay away from organizations like HBO and other mainstream media outlets. The attention they bring to you is almost never good.


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