Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today I’ve decided to give you a little taste of what’s already in the world as far as superheroes are concerned. Allow me to introduce to you a fellow crime fighter, altruist, and ultimately good guy.

They call him the Crimson Fist. Based in Atlanta, GA, the Crimson Fist and his wife, Meta Data, patrol the streets of their neighborhood protecting the citizens from crime. The crime fighting duo became known after an article was published about them in the Uk-daily mail, but thus far it hasn’t deterred them from continuing the good fight.

  1. philrodney says:

    I wish Crimson fist the best. I think if I were a super hero though, I ‘d want to keep a pretty low profile. I might give the Uk-daily mail a little taste of the Crimson Fist for bringing so much attention to me if I were him. Just asking for some escalation…if ya know what I’m saying.

  2. […] of you may remember a comment that was made about one of my posts last week regarding the Crimson […]

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