First Thoughts

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Murders, Robberies, Muggings, Car-Jackings, the list goes on. Crime is everywhere, and the need for people to do something about it is more evident now than it has ever been.

But why should we sit and wait for the police to intervene? Shouldn’t there be someone more capable, more able to bend the rules of society to better serve justice to the people that constantly evade it?

These are questions I asked myself long ago. These are questions that you are most likely asking yourself now. What can you do? The answer is simple. Solve the problem.

You can put an end to the crime and corruption inflicted in your community. You can help protect the people you love. You can make a difference in the world.

But you can’t do this alone. You will need guidance. You are, after all, just a man (or woman). But if you work at it, and you train harder than you ever have before, you can become something more.

This blog serves two purposes.

  1. To inspire you to continue the fight for justice.
  2. To educate you on the best methods for bringing justice to this world

Like any great hero, you’ve got to start somewhere. So let’s begin…


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