How could anyone have a blog about the everyday superheroes that exist in society, without mentioning one of the most popular real-life superheroes of them all?

Phoenix Jones, everybody. With a laundry list of accomplishments under his belt, he has been recognized worldwide as one of the greatest real-life superheroes of our time. He’s like the Batman of real life, only he’s not a multimillionaire (that we know of).


I’m a firm believer that all acts of heroism, no matter how miniscule they may seem, should be recognized by all people. This is why today, I’m showing you a list of notable heroic accomplishments performed by everyday people.

My personal favorite is the guy who punched an alligator to save his son. Guys who punch alligators should never go unnoticed.

For any doubters of superhuman strength, or other powers of the superhuman world, I have evidence that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that superpowers are real and that they exist at this very moment, on this very planet.

Behold, a list of 10 people with real-life super powers. Now, they may not all be able to send waves of heat vision from their eyeballs, but they’re still certainly much more than ordinary.

If you’re a WikiHow addict, like me, then chances are you flock to the website immediately when trying to learn a new skill, craft, or hobby. It’s convenient, I’ll admit, but it can’t take the place of an actual mentor.

WikiHow, however, seems to disagree. They’ve put up a list of 4 ways to become a superhero, detailing everything from fabricating a back-story, to training in the appropriate martial arts.

Please, for the love of superheroes, don’t just use a WikiHow article for advise on how to defeat criminals. You’ll only wind up hurting yourself, and others in the process.


Yet another superhero spotlight this week, with the focus on a more philanthropic hero.

He calls himself “Life“, and each day he dons his simple costume and sets out across New York City with a backpack full of toothbrushes, and other toiletries to hand out to the homeless.

A truly selfless character, Life helps give hope to thousands in New York City, and inspires others throughout the country.

So last night, as many people already know, the Boeing Dreamlifter aircraft accidentally landed at the wrong runway in Wichita Kansas: a runway that was far too short for the megalithic aircraft to be able to take off again.

This got me thinking: would this sort of thing have happened if a superhero had been active in that area? I was indisposed at the time of the incident, so I wasn’t able to change the tide of things, but if another hero had been on the scene when the plane was beginning to land it could’ve turned out a little better. 

This just goes to show, there are plenty of opportunities out there for people like us to make a difference in the world.

For those of you who want your vigilante deeds to be recognized, here’s a way to get an official slot in the world superhero registry. All you’ve got to do is sign up, put in your information, and PRESTO, you’re officially a recognized crime fighter of the universe.

I, myself, will not be signing up for any sort of registry that seeks to collect data on all of the superheroes in the world. It reminds me too much of this little incident, where a certain sub-set of individuals were registered together, then subsequently exterminated. But, to each his own I suppose.